Final Friday!

We hope the students have had as much fun as we have! A big THANK YOU to all the children who joined us this year and to their families. We hope the students have made lasting memories while here at La Garenne. 

If you fell in love with Switzerland and would like to return to La Garenne, why not experience life here in the snow, admissions to our Winter Camp are now open! 

This is what some of our students have said about their LG experience over the last 6 weeks.

Jennifer Lakah, Eygpt
 `I love the new boarding house, Beau Site, it is like staying in a hotel. I definitely want to come back to summer camp next year.`

Salma Jalbout, Lebanon
`La Garenne is the best camp I have been to, it has become like a second home to me. Some of my best memories are spending time with my roommates who will become lifelong friends.`

Kehinde Egbaiyelo, Nigeria
 `I learnt a lot while at La Garenne. My favourite activities were ice skating and exploring in the trees. I also love the cake here.`

Royce Tong, Hong Kong
`I have had a happy time here at La Garenne, I would love to come back next year!`

Zinaide Iksanova, Russia
`It is a very good school, I love the lessons in the morning and all the afternoon activities, I want to return.`

Hana Farshici, Iran
`I love the activities in the afternoon. I enjoy writing in class and my English teacher is great. Also the lunches are yummy!`

Ka Yik Zong, China
`I really enjoy class, some of the games we play are fun and we learn a lot. I had lime ice cream which was delicious.`

Lou Poulard, Swiss
`The activities were super good, there was a great ambiance and we laughed a lot with the monitors.`

Takahiro Ochi, Japan
`Each day we did a different activity so I was never bored. I am coming back in September to study during the year.`

Carlota Ruscica, Spain
`Everything is beautiful here. I have lots of friends. I love colouring in class.`