Happy Wednesday!

What have the children been up to this morning...

The children in the French section have been working in pairs, asking each other questions and answering one another using their new acquired vocabulary. The teacher filmed the children and they enjoyed watching themselves speaking in French.

Our youngest children have been reading and learning through the story, `Elmer the Elephant`. This provided many opportunities to revisit vocabulary about colours, size and shape, they also talked about different emotions.

This week the beginner English group have been learning to express preferences using the "I like, I don’t like" structure.  They have learnt the vocabulary for various fruits and vegetables by reading the books - Handa’s Surprise and The Farmer’s Vegetables. In the class they like lots of fruits and vegetables. Zilong loves strawberries and Leoto likes watermelon. Anna does not like mushrooms and nobody likes spinach! Everyone likes cheese!