Magnificent Monday!

It is another beautiful day! During the breaktime this morning, the children enjoyed playing and speaking with each other and also taking the time to bond with our wonderful teachers and staff. Learning doesn`t just take place in the classroom.

What have the children been up to this morning...

The children have been busy this morning. In the beginner English class, the children enjoyed reading the book, Handa`s Surprise. The book took them on a journey and was used to reinforce the new vocabulary learnt in class. En section française ce matin nous avons étudié les animaux puis chacun a parlé de son animal préféré et l'a dessiné.

Private Lessons

Some of the children have private lessons during the summer camp. Parents can sign their child up to have extra one-to-one support in English or French. The lessons take place for 30 minutes at lunchtime with our class teachers.