This morning I took the opportunity to ask Pauline some questions about her experience ofLG summer camp.

Pauline Chavelet is one of our summer camp French teachers. She also teaches French as a Foreign Language at La Garenne during the school year. Pauline has worked at La Garenne now for 5 years and she likes hiking in the mountains, skiing and swimming.

1)   How are students placed into the French summer camp classes?

The children who are 6 years old and below are in one class so that the activities can be planned around the younger ages. It is important to appeal to the children`s interests and so we prefer to keep the younger children together. The other children are all given a placement test at the beginning of the camp and using these results we separate them into the appropriate level for their needs.

2)   What kind of things do you do with the children in class during the summer camp morning sessions?

This year I am teaching the younger children and the majority of the children are beginners. We sing, learn new vocabulary, play games like bingo, use the interactive smart board, complete matching and sequencing activities, watch short clips and answer questions.

3)   How does learning French at summer camp differ to learning French in the school year here at La Garenne?

During the summer camp we teach French through topic-based activities, they learn the day-to-day and survival vocabulary that they may need and can use in basic conversations. We try to make it fun and interactive when possible. During the year we teach French everyday to each class at a differentiated level, it is more academic and we follow a programme. The children work towards taking the DELF exam when they are in Year 5/Year 6.

4)   This will be your fifth year teaching French at LG summer camp, what do you enjoy about summer camp?

Each summer it is always great to meet new children and see familiar faces from previous years. I always feel happy when a student has been in summer camp and then decides to join us for the school year. The children are always happy and motivated so we have fun while learning.