A bientôt et bon voyage!

Good bye and thank you to our super students who leave us today! You have been amazing and we hope to see you again one day soon! Keep in touch!

The students in Level 5 enjoyed creating a school magazine, each taking on a different role. The magazine contained a travel section, adverts, fashion and an interview. Aurea Escorcio & Ariane Castro e Silva interviewed the school director, Gregory. They thought of the questions themselves and enjoyed speaking to Mr Méan. Please read their interview below.


Gregory Méan - School Director

Mr Gregory Méan has been the school director since 2008. He runs the school alongside his wife, Céline. Mr Méan enjoys tennis, skiing and spending time with his children. He loves to visit new places and learn about different cultures.

1) How did your family end up in charge of La Garenne School?

My family were in charge of another school and then the original owner of La Garenne asked my parents if they wanted to take care of the school so my parents became the directors. There is a lot of information on our website about the history of La Garenne (https://www.la-garenne.ch/en/home/philosophy-history).

2) What is the best thing about being the director of La Garenne?

The best thing about being the director is spending time with the children and educating them.

3) How will La Garenne celebrate Swiss National Day on the 1st August?

On the 1st August we will have a special Swiss menu, there will be a lot of beautiful decorations around the school and we will go into the village and watch the parade. We will also enjoy a demonstration of `cor des Alphes`.

4) If a summer camp student wants to come back and study here in the school year, what will they do?

They will learn to ski, experience new and exciting activities, learn new languages, work hard and have fun (see our website: https://www.la-garenne.ch/en/academics/academic-overview).

5) Does La Garenne raise money for charity?

Yes, every year we work together to raise money and volunteer our help for different causes.

6) How did you celebrate the 70th birthday of the school?

We had a big party with all of the students, parents and staff. A lot of former students joined us. In total we had 400 people celebrate with us (see the photo gallery of the event: https://www.la-garenne.ch/en/info/photos/70th-anniversary-gallery).

7) How do you think of so many different activities for us to do in the afternoons, during the summer camp?

All of the team help, the monitors give suggestions and we know what has worked well from past experiences. I always try each activity myself before sending our students.

8) Why is La Garenne called La Garenne?

Garenne means rabbit warren, before it became a school there were a lot of rabbit holes so we thought it would be a suitable name.

A big thank you to Greg, Ariane & Aurea.