This morning, the students have been completing the summer camp surveys to let us know how they feel about their time here with us and they also help us review the camp in order to make improvements for the coming years.

The ‘Elephants’ class have been working extremely hard on developing their written and reading skills. They have been reading a novel in class ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar, and all their work has been linked to this book. All children had the opportunity to read allowed and were supported and encouraged by their peers, which improved their pronunciation and confidence. They have looked at new grammar techniques and literary devices, such as ‘cause and effect’ and sentence structure, all of which have helped towards writing their own newspaper reports.

The ‘Tigers’ have also been looking at grammar techniques, studying the use of past and present continuous tenses to use in their writing.

With the end of camp fast approaching, all the students are looking forward to seeing their families and going home, but have all had a super stay at La Garenne and worked extremely hard in their language lessons.