Today marks the second day of our last week of La Garenne Summer Camp for this year! The weeks have absolutely whizzed by with the fun and learning that have been happening inside Academia! Hundreds of children have been through these doors, meeting new friends, having new experiences and making memories that will last a life time.

The ‘Monkeys’ and the ‘Cheetahs’ classes joined forces and took a trip out into the local area this afternoon. They walked to a nearby stream where they collected stones and pebbles to paint and decorate. It was a beautiful, sunny day so they had perfect weather to be outside painting and then playing on the local playground. What a perfect way to spend the afternoon, after a morning of focused academic language learning; a relaxed atmosphere to practise speaking and listening skills.

The younger students spent the afternoon cooking and then savouring their accomplishments, whilst other classes went out for walks, following maps and to buy postcards!

A super start to the week, setting us up for some more focused language lessons and progress as we move towards the end of camp!

Have a great week everyone!