Here, at this summer camp, we are all superheroes in our own individual ways and learn to be the best we can be at whatever we choose!
— La Garenne International School Teacher

The ‘Lions’ class have been thinking about the idea of superheroes and what special powers they have or would like to have. They created their own superheroes (see photos below) and have been writing sentences, using sentences starters and descriptive phrases, which are leading up to a story they will write.

Working in pairs, we had a race to see which team could find the most adjectives, adverbs, verbs and nouns to begin with each letter of the alphabet! This got us all thinking about the English language, as well as having to cooperate with our partners!
— 'Tigers' Class

The 10-14 year old English groups came together for a team challenge afternoon on Monday. They took part in the following activities:

  1. Think up a team name!

  2. Design a team shield/flag!

  3. Take part in a running quiz - answers around the football pitch and run to the correct one each time!

  4. Physical team games with balls.