Today we say goodbye to another group of campers, those who have been with us for four weeks and also those who joined us just for the two weeks of the second camp. We have all enjoyed getting to know the students, in both the French and English sections, and we know that they have made plenty of new friends and developed their language skills in and outside of class.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and we look forward to welcoming you all back again soon!

Nature is one of our greatest teachers.
— Unknown

The ‘Giraffes’ spent yesterday in class learning about different animals and their habitats. They then went into the school farm to meet the new members of our La Garenne Family!

The ‘Monkeys’ have been out following written clues in search of things around the school grounds. They needed to work as a team and use good communication skills to help each other during this task.

And lastly, some ‘Super Bear Cub Heroes’ made from the Bear Cub’s hands!