A super start has been had by all classes at the start of this year’s Summer Camp at La Garenne!

For some of the students, the first day of Summer Camp 2019 was all about working with new people and being just a little bit bold. In the morning, the ‘Elephants’ spent 90 minutes using Drama activities to get them ready to collaborate on the LG Summer Camp Radio project with Denise and then in the afternoon, Eurgain, Joanna and Denise brought all of the 11 - 14 students together in a creative challenge. Put into mixed teams, the groups of six had to write a short ‘La Garenne Summer Camp’ song or poem and then had to create a ‘performance’ of it. The teams were judged on their teamwork, communication skills and performances. The winning team received a small reward.

The younger students have also been enjoying class time with their teachers and getting to know the other new students in their classes. There has been lots of hard work, excellent concentration and plenty of creative fun going on throughout Academia!