Yesterday we welcomed a new group of campers for the second two weeks of La Garenne Summer Camp. All the new students are settling in well and enjoying the chance to make new friends, reunite with old friends and beginning their academic language lessons!


All new students have been taking part in ‘getting to know you’ activities, after they were tested in class to assess their language levels. The younger students have been finding out where each other come from, what food they like, their families and so on…

The more advanced, older groups have jumped straight into focused writing, reading and grammar tasks, delivered in exciting and interesting ways: drama, video comprehensions, cloze exercises and group work.

Introducing our French Teachers, showing the more crazy sides of their personalities!!

Top left: Christophe and last camp’s ‘Renards’ class.

Top right: Salima and last camp’s ‘Blaireaux’ class.

Bottom left: Pauline and last camp’s '‘Marmottes’ class

Bottom right: Hélène and last camp’s ‘Bouquetins’ class.