Today is the last day of classes for our first two week campers! Many children are saying goodbye to new friends and teachers, but they have made plenty of memories and learnt new skills that they will carry with them forever.

We hope you all have safe journeys home and enjoy the rest of your holidays or time elsewhere.

We look forward to welcoming you all back to La Garenne next year!

Two students from the ‘Elephants’ class have written about their time over the last two weeks.

Time passes, as fast as streams run. The first two weeks of summer camp are ending and Friday 12th will be the last day for some of the campers.
This week in Elephants English class we had a lot of mini-debates. We had a warm up debate about which animal is more superior, cats or dogs? Then, we prepared a more serious debate about whether co-ed schools are better than single-sex schools. We had to write our arguments and use linking phrases to put everything together. It ended up that single-sex schools are better because the teams arguing for this were better prepared and more convincing.
We also had a discussion about the fashion industry after watching a documentary on the subject.
On Tuesday we went to the music room in Beau Site and performed a series of classroom scenarios from different countries. By sharing our classroom experiences at home we learned that in Russia there are grumpy teachers, but the students have fun all of the time. Classrooms in Bulgaria and Italy were similar (the only difference was that teachers are kinder in Italy.) The traditional Chinese classroom is basically very formal with strict rules (which turns out to be boring.)
The whole week in Academia was pretty interesting.
— Siya (China)
This week was really interesting and I learned many things. There were some parts of the lessons that I enjoyed more than others though. For example, on Tuesday our class went to the Music Room in Beau Site and had a discussion about the differences between our classes and lessons in our countries. Then Denise (our teacher) asked us to recreate a lesson at all of our schools. That was quite interesting because it is a way to learn about the different nationalities. We discovered differences and similarities between lessons in Russia, Bulgaria, China and Italy.
Another thing I found enjoyable and interesting was watching a documentary called, ‘The True Cost’. It’s about the truth about the fashion industry - where our clothes come from and their impact on the planet.
Both of these things were really interesting, however the best thing we’ve done in my opinion was a debate on the topic, ‘For or against single-sex education’. Other students probably found other things we’ve done through the week more interesting, but I personally have been really interested in debating for the past two years and I’m also really interested in the fact that we were discussing it because I think education is the thing that I should know about because it will be a big part of my life and I’m always happy to enrich my knowledge about it.
The really surprising thing about the debate was that at first everybody was against single sex schools, but because the people who had to argue ‘for’ keeping boys and girls separate made better arguments, they won!
— Monika (Bulgaria)