Goodbye & Good Luck!

Thank you to all the students who have joined us for Summer Camp 2018! We hope to see you all again one day.

We spoke to some of the children and asked them about their La Garenne Summer Camp experience, this is what they said:

Sultan Aljohani, Saudi Arabia

"Summer Camp was so much fun! I made so many friends, especially during the second camp, I will stay in touch with them all. My favourite activity was taking part in the water sports. The teachers really helped me during the morning lessons."

Jack Michellod, Switzerland

"I attend La Garenne during the school year but I wanted to join Summer Camp this year as we have a lot of fun. In the afternoons we do a range of activities - my favourite is the Water Park as there are so many different rides. I study in the English section during the year so I joined the French section during the Summer Camp to help improve my French."

Laura Herberg, Spain

"This is my first time at La Garenne Summer Camp and I have really enjoyed it. I have met lots of amazing people who I will stay in touch with and the teachers and monitors were all really nice."