English Section - Cheetahs

The Cheetah's have set off their week to a great start showing enthusiasm, interest and commitment to learning English. Each morning they enjoy coming into class and starting the day with 15 minutes of quiet time. They have the opportunity to read in English, practice mindfulness or ask any questions.

As quiet time comes to an end they practice their writing skills each morning by completing a diary entry. They are now moving forward and improving their independent learning skills; completing their diary without an example.

We have had lots of fun learning about the human body and the Cheetah's love the game 3,2,1 Show me: old, tall, short, attractive etc- their acting skills really shine here! They have learned how to describe themselves and others with a great knowledge of pronouns and human body descriptions. The Cheetah's have learned about different animals and applied their knowledge from body parts to a fun dictation activity. Whereby they listened to a description of a mythical creature, comprising of different animal parts and then draw the closest match to the creature. The whole class was superb and it was tough to decide on a winner!

Furthermore, the Cheetah's are now moving into more advanced learning and understanding word classes such as nouns, adjectives and verbs- applying their understanding through literacy. We've had fun combining different activities in reading, listening, speaking and writing. Yesterday the highlight of the day was determining who the secret holder was out of 3 people; asking 'Wh' questions to determine who was the person with the  silly secret.  

Next week we will learn how to change verbs into the past. We will then walk into the village to buy a post card and utilise our past verbs so each student can write a post card home telling their families all about what they have been up to here at La Garenne. We will learn about emotions, expressing our feelings, food and ordering in a restaurant. We will finish our week with a fun blindfolded tasting test to use all 5 senses and learn about the foods we are tasting!

Well done Cheetah's!