English Section - Cheetahs!

The Cheetah's hit the ground running last week with enthusiasm and commitment to learning English. They used their imagination to persuade the class that it was them that had done something silly when they were younger as the class asked 'Wh' questions to 3 students who claimed to be the holder of a silly secret. They have been able to identify different body parts and features- using pronouns to describe themselves and others. From here they have been able to differentiate between wild and farm animals and pets, understanding different body parts in order to create their own creatures.

They have advanced their English skills by identifying different habitats and animal adaptations. Furthermore, the Cheetah's learned all about different words classes (verbs, adjectives and nouns). They have been able to apply their learning directly by recognising different features of animals and explaining their understanding from a documentary. The Cheetah's are finalising their week by learning about the present continuous and past tense. They will apply their learning directly through different applications such as book reviews, reading comprehensions and speaking and listening exercises. The students have had a super time and are looking forward to seeing their parents this weekend!