1.    How are the students placed into summer language classes?

The parents and their child/children can choose to either focus on French or English. During the first morning of summer camp, the students complete a placement test that determines which class level they will be put in. The first part is a reading, writing and grammar test and then they do some speaking exercises, which allow the children to express themselves and this help us decide on the appropriate group for each child.

Within the French section we have the following class groups:

- Cubs (Age 4 – 7 years old)

- Beginners

- Intermediate

- Advanced

Within the English section we have the following class groups for the first camp:

- Cubs (Age 4 – 6 years old)

- Level 1/Beginners (Age 7 – 9)

- Level 2/Beginner-Intermediate (Age 7 – 9)

- Level 3/Intermediate (Age 10 – 13)

- Level 4/Lower Advanced group

- Level 5/Advanced group

2.    What kind of students will be in the class with my child?

This summer we have students from over 35 different countries therefore each class is made up of a range of nationalities. During the morning language sessions, the students are encouraged to only speak in the language they are learning (English or French). Whenever possible we have taken the ages of the students into account when organizing the different levels so that the students are learning alongside children of a similar age. It is a wonderful opportunity for the children to make new, often lifelong friends with children from around the world.


3.    When do the lessons take place and what will my child learn?

The English and French classes take place every morning for 3 hours, Monday to Saturday. They are taught by our highly experienced teachers who teach at La Garenne throughout the school year.


4.    Will we receive any feedback at the end of the camp?

The students will bring home a file containing their work and in the file there will be a short report from your child`s teacher which indicates what topics they have covered, as well as a short comment about your child`s participation and achievement. Your child will also receive a certificate.


5.    Are private lessons available during summer camp and when & how do they take place?

Children can choose to have private lessons in French or English and where possible these take place with the child`s class teacher. The lessons are twice a week for 30 minutes. The lessons take place over the lunch period, before the afternoon activity starts. There are a certain number of private lessons available, so they are given on a first come, first served basis when parents register their child at summer camp. They are a great opportunity for teacher and students to work on a one-to-one basis with their teacher, focusing on areas that the student needs help with.